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The South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA) aim is 'to promote and support the teaching of science in schools', and 'to foster the professional development of science teachers'. SASTA's strength lies in its members and in the many highly committed educators who volunteer their time out of school hours to ensure that we continue to serve the needs of all teachers of science.

SASTA has around 500 members and they are drawn from all education sectors, teaching all year levels across the state. SASTA is also fortunate to have a permanent secretariat to ensure the continuing smooth functioning of all aspects of our business.

SASTA membership lasts from 1st January to 31st December annually. If you have not renewed your membership by 31 December, your membership will expire; however, you can rejoin at any time. Simply login, head to the members' area, then click Manage Membership.

SASTA members enjoy many benefits including discounts, publications, giveaways and more. View the full member benefits here.

SASTA develops and maintains close links with employing authorities, businesses, industry and the tertiary education sector. Working closely with such organisations allows us to develop programs, activities and resources that reflect the nature of science in our community. SASTA greatly appreciates the support and sponsorship it receives from these partners and thanks them for sharing our commitment to effective learning in science.

Science and the technological development made possible by scientific research and development are driving us through a period of rapid technological change. These changes are, in turn, informing the debate about how and what science should be taught in our schools. SASTA and its members are closely involved in revising and developing ideas about how best to ensure that all students become enthusiastic learners in science.

Affiliation with the Australian Science Teachers' Assocation (ASTA), and with the International Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE), ensures that our science teachers are in touch with developments taking place in science education throughout the world. SASTA members also benefit from and contribute to national and international conferences, publications, teacher exchange schemes, overseas or local study fellowships and access to a variety of science competitions for their students.


As outlined above SASTA is a volunteer based organisation. Our volunteers are members of SASTA and provide their knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas with the organisation. 

If you would like to contact a member of SASTA, either contact the office or click on the one of the following committees listed below:

SASTA Board & Reference Groups.